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FF cover

Hardcover copies of FAST FRIENDS signed by the artist are NOW AVAILABLE

FAST FRIENDS is a new graphic novel inspired by romance comics and gay pulp fiction. It’s written and art directed by Dale Lazarov and drawn and colored by Michael Broderick. Get it as a Bruno Gmünder hardcover signed by artist, Michael Broderick for $35 USD. Fast Friends tells the story of two men who accidentally find refuge, in each other’s strong arms, from both a winter storm and the cruel lovers who don’t cherish them. Without words, we tell a story in graphic novel form that’s rich in detail, feeling, and sexual sensitivity.

“Fast Friends is like a classic gay short novel by Dale Lazarov & Michael Broderick executed entirely in pictures and without words—the silence makes the story even more seductive. It’s pulp fiction transformed into art: erotic, real, and surprisingly tender. People often forget that genitals, even male genitals, can connect to the heart. A lovely piece of work.”

– Christopher Bram, bestselling author of “Gods and Monsters” and “Eminent Outlaws: The Gay Writers Who Changed America”

SIGNED copies of Fast Friends are $35 +$10 shipping within the continental US.
Please notify us of the package destination as international shipping rates vary.


SIGNED copies of G is for Groundskeeper are now available!

Michael is offering a limited number of SIGNED copies available for purchase through this site for $35 each (plus shipping).

Please place your order for copies through the CONTACT page of this site!